About Spiritual Tweets...

CoraLyn Hughes is the creator of SpiritualTweets and a Virtual Assistant for Authors, Lightworkers & Coaches.   Also, one of the EWebMarketingManagement.com team members.

She started working on computers over 30 years ago with corporations, accounting & law offices.  Always having an entrepreneurial spirit started with online businesses in 1999 selling products and services.

Her spiritual journey started when she was very young, being connected to nature and the animal kingdom... she has learned various healing modalities being guided and assisted by the Angels & Ascended Masters... always learning as this spiritual journey unfolds.

Recognizing the writer within one of her soul purposes is to get the spiritual messages out to awaken and raise consciousness.  The intention of bringing the gifts of Energy of Light & limitless possibilities to mankind is being created through her work with enlightened messengers and SpiritualTweets.

She lives in Arizona with her wonderful 4-legged fur family with wonderful friends all over the world.


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